CMS based website provides front-end user interface that allows a user, even with limited expertise, to add, modify and remove content from a Web site of the business without the intervention of a developer. We have vast resources with different technological expertise to help you to develop such system which you can use it anywhere, anyplace and anytime without any dependency. We also help you to suggest different automated way to reduce the work and provide intelligence to the system. By doing.
... the intelligence, your organization can get better benefit with cost reduction in long run.
Joomla that uses object oriented concepts with model view controller web application development framework that stores data into MySql, Postgre Sql database .Joomla is Developed using php and is freeware and open content management system.IWW team provide special result which includes page caching, rss feed,blogs,news flashes, search and language internationalization and develop website which distribute information are easily developed with minimal less amount of instructions and time and one can easily manage this developed site, for specialized feature it is also possible to because developer can also knows to work with joomla extension library. This will result in quality output with user friendly that keep track of every piece of content.
Word press
Word press is blogging platform used to build web sites by use of word press content management system .Word press run on web hosting services and has a web template system .IWW developer provide robust features to web app by use of word press as this is a web based software with simple dashboard that’s makes easy to develop site and manage its content easily.IWW specialist develop web based app that required broucher type site, news and blogging sites so they can get quality output which is user friendly as it is free and easy to deploy and maintain.IWW developers with word press provide their best results with clear strategy to meet objectives.
Drupal is content management system which operate on platform that supports web server and a database to store content.IWW is place where specialist build site using drupal which used as back end framework and also for knowledge management system and business collaboration which also include user account registration ,rss fields ,menu management, page layout customization so this also known as web application framework ,which provides optional modules that can be enabled by admin and also core themes to customize the look and field of site and web accessibility is improved in drupal .drag and drop functionality and also security is good enough provided using drupal to meet requirements and deliver best and excepted result to users.
Magento is open source web application for e-commerce .Magento is build using parts of Zend framework.IWW is place where our specialists provides you better results using Magento which provide platform to make development more efficient .IWW developer with knowledge of Magento framework for e-commerce web application development provides user friendly result with several additional features like effective management of memory space better reliable and secure site having better performance can easily updates whenever changes required.IWW developers have enough knowledge of architecture and internal structure of Magento with skills to implements module which one required and module which are suitable for excepted result .IWW specialist having knowledge of integrations of API and CMS to Magento for user friendly and quality output.
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