• SELECT - To Rent Or Sale.
  • ADD Property With your Name & Contact No.
  • SELECT Type of Property You Have.
  • SELECT State, City , Location or Add New.
  • ADD Area In No’s With It’s Unit.
  • ADD Your Expected Value In Rupees.
  • ADD Highlighting Features, Amenities of Property.
  • SELECT / CAPTURE Live Photo of Property.
  • SUBMIT - Go To My Property
  • SEE Property Added By You.
  • PRESS Long To Share / Edit / Delete.
  • “TELL A FRIEND” To Download - if You Don’t Find in Contact’s.
  • SHARE With Phone Book Friends, Real Estate Broker’s.
  • SHARE Your Property to All Best Broker of city.
  • EDIT Property & it Will Change Every Where.
  • DELETE To Get Removed From Every Where.
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